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Sunday, July 17, 2005


12:00 AM, 08-JULY-05

Four Premiere A DisasterTorrential rains and a balky projector led to the cancellation of the July 6 world-premiere screening of Fox's Fantastic Four movie on New York's Liberty Island, Variety reported. Guests were scheduled to arrive on the island by 7 p.m. and the film's cast by 7:30, with the screening to begin at 9. But shortly after 6:30, just as a ferry dropped off at least 150 members of the New York press, a torrential downpour put plans on hold, stranding guests on the mainland and the press and publicists under a wooden, sideless roof on the island. Fox executives and cast members, including Tom Rothman, Hutch Parker and Ioan Gruffudd, holed up in the Ritz Carlton hospitality suite and debated moving the premiere to the Regal Cinemas Battery Park, before electing to go ahead with Liberty Island, where a barbecue, outdoor stage and fireworks show were already set up, the trade paper reported. The cast didn't show until almost 9, and by then workers had successfully toweled down all the seats and repainted the splotchy screen, which had sent a torrent of white paint into the gutter during the storm. Rangers, ferry workers and SWAT team members, all working overtime, looked on as the reasonably good-natured guests waited for another hour while film's actors and producers ran through the press line. The screening finally got under way around 10:20, after a fireworks show, only to have the projector break down 10 minutes later. By then the crowd rushed to fill the two boats heading back to shore. After reaching shore at 11, any guest still willing could hop into one of Fox's limos for a late-night screening at Battery Park, the trade paper reported. Fantastic Four opens to the public on July 8.


I have been all over the map with regards to the dating scene.

I am so damn particular, I am never going to find anyone at this point.

A couple of dates from match.com, but not very good.

Ive got to stop that shit. The women I am looking for is NOT on a god damn dating service.

who will be the one that has the stuff?



I have begun blogging again.

Thanks for everyones support during my absence.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Airing Out some dirty laundry

What a hetic few days. Work is busy. Trying to make that "Hollywood Green", if you know what I mean.

As I strive to build my finances back up, I am also looking to start bulding a life. A house is something that I feel I need soon. Hope I can do it.

The IRS is being taken care of. Down to about 80K. Gotta love it.

Episode III is the third best Star Wars film, behind IV and V. It is better than Jedi.

I will have the same car until I run it into the ground. Oh, my BMW.

Hen Master Hen turned 3 years old on Cinco De Mayo. He is a funny sob, and brings great happiness to me.

Lori is gone. After she got married, albeit I am told reluctantly, I just cant hold on any longer. She doesnt deserve it. I need to find love again, butterflies again, beauty again. I will miss her and will never forget her. But the time has come. I just hope that I wont have to make a choice in the future, if she ever returns and I have someone else.

Digital Media Systems will be ready on 6/1/05. Be ready.

Oh well, back to work. Thats the good word on my life right now.


Sunday, April 10, 2005

JULY 4, 2005 PARADE with some cutbacks



What is life? What is purpose? Are they one in the same?
These questions, I have pondered. I had an epiphany, a revalation. It did not come to me in a dream, it came to me as a flow of energy through my body. A tangible energy. A drive to which one can not be stopped. I have seen clearly a new direction in my life. Direction being purpose. I will be the same person I have always been, because lets face it, who is better than me? But my goals and achievements will have a different purpose. Like Jake Blues, I have seen the light.Posted by Hello

Monday, April 04, 2005

FACTS - "Fuck" 281 Times

SYNOPSIS: The Dude, Jeff Lebowski (Jeff Bridges) is unemployed and laid-back… until… victim of mistaken identity, two thugs break into his apartment in the errant belief that they are accosting Jeff Lebowski the Pasadena millionaire. In hope of getting a replacement for his soiled carpet Dude visits his wealthy namesake and, with buddy, ex-‘Nam’ veteran, Walter (John Goodman), he is swept into a Coenesque comedy/thriller of extortion, embezzlement, sex and dope. It takes guys as simple as the Dude and Walter to make a story this complicated… and they’d really rather be bowling.

NOTES: A lot of the clothes Jeff Bridges wears as The Dude were actually his own- including the Jelly Bean shoes!

For the scene where The Dude floats down the bowling lane between the Busby Berkely chorine's legs during thr Gutterballs drewm, he had to be digitally shrunk to 80% in order for his wide shoulders to fit through.

The Dude is based on a real person the Coen brothers knew, one Jeff "The Dude" Dowd.

The screenplay was written with Jeff Bridges (The Dude), John Goodman (Walter Sobchak) and Sam Elliot (The Stranger) in mind.

The blue Volkswagen Beetle driven by the private investigator, DaFino (Jon Polito) is a nod to the same vehicle driven by the PI in Blood Simple.

The band that Ulee the Nihilist was a member of, Autobahn, is a parody of Kraftwerk (obviously). The album sleeve you see in the movie is also very close to Kraftwerk's album cover for Man Machine.

Bunny's porn movie co-star (you know, the one who just popped over to use the shower) is played by real porn star Asia Carrera.

Just after The Dude receives his rectal examination by Maude's thorough doctor, he is seen listening to a Creedence Clearwater Revival tune in his car. The title of said song? Looking Out My Backdoor. Co-incidence?

The work "fuck" and varients thereof is spoken a massive 281 times during the movie.

In a film largely about bowling Jeff Bridges as The Dude is never seen to roll a ball, yet in a film where he plays the American President (The Contender) you DO see him bowl!!!

Apparently the reason Steve Buscemi's character Donny is forever being told to "shut the fuck up" is because his character in Fargo, the brother's previous movie, just would not ever shut up
Donny is a consistent striker when he bowls except for his last roll before the confrontation with the Nihilists.

For the Norwegian release of the movie the posters bore the text "anbefales av Norsk bowling forbund", which translates to, recommended by the Norwegian Bowling Association.

The Dude loves his White Russians. He down a total of 9 during the movie. Wanna make one? 2 parts Vodka, 1 part Kalhua, 1 part milk.

The Dude utters the word "man" 144 times.

The Dude is a great character. He borrows nearly all of his lines from other characters. Watch and listen carefully and you will notice that he tries to pass himself off as a little more intelligent by repeating sentences he's heard elsewhere. Examples- "This aggression will not stand, man" and "...in the parlance of our times".

The "nice" marmot is in fact a ferret. It is illegal to keep ferrets as pets in California.

Musician Amiee Mann (she did the soundtrack for the terrific Magnolia) has a cameo as the nine-toed Nihilist.

The second time we see Jackie Treehorn's heavies (Woo and the blond guy) they have swapped clothes.

The Dude's car is a 1973 Ford Gran Torino.

For a few months now, I have been positing these "mystery" messages and pictures on "Hollywood's House" that came from the movie 2001. The truth of the matter is, I had no idea where that was going and quite frankly think it was pretty stupid. However, everything has a meaning, so, here it goes. It was leading to a wonderful tribute to my dear friend Roy Schieder. Roy was the go to guy for 2010. This under rated sequel has inspired, well, nothing. He is one of the greatest cinema actors of our time. Although he is a delusional bleeding heart liberal (that is an oxymoron), I still consider him a dear friend and a great actor. I dedicate this blog posting to him.

This brings my 2001 arc to a close. Thank you. Posted by Hello

A new purchase

Posted by Hello Today, I wasted money that I dont have on a wireless headset. Bluetooth fuckers! This is my personal assistant Lisa, who has been kind enough to take some time and model it for this blog posting. She's great.



I mean really. Allow me some time to gloat, but I am one sexy mother fucker. This photo was taken on my favorite overpass, the one that leads you to the Barbary Coast. Lou, Dan, Chris, Tim, John, you know it well. I had no reason to post this other than to comment how good I look... and that I was in Vegas....... and how good I look. Posted by Hello


Three Weeks From Now

I have been blessed to be semi involved in John's percurement of a hot tub. John's hot tub should be up and running a few weeks from now. It is a very large hot tub, with many jet configurations and large seats.

I am a big fan of this so called"purchase" and will continue to support its set up. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


what is going to happen... what is..... what is going to happen!! Posted by Hello



Saturday, March 12, 2005

In all my 28 years and change of life, I have never seen something that has caused so many different emotions.


This is a marker. The end of the world is approaching.

This burger king wrapper was discovered in New Jersey on Route 17. My dear friend Dan Gould, unearthed this finding through his purchase of a Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch CHICKEN SANDWICH.

When he showed it to me, I saw god. This, the embodiment of anyone who was in the Class of 1994 in Cornwall Central High School. Born in a class of Mr. Wiedner's Shakespeare. Andre has a chicken sandwich from Wendy's which he decided to eat in this 6th period class. Andre sat in the last row, gannon to his right, andrew kenney two seats ahead, me three rows over (strategically sitting next to Krista Leonardi, who I loved). Mr. Wiedner asked andre what he was doing, andre's response was "Ohhhhh". Mr. Wieder says the following, "Andre bring me the sandwich". Andre gets up, walks the entire isle, drops the sandwich on Wiedners desk and says, "Ohhh... chicken sandwich". Laughter ensues.

The chicken sandwich was born. Somehow, it was married to the chopping phenomenon which had started earlier. Now, a chop to the back, was followed by the phrase "chicken sandwich". TO THIS DAY, almost twelve years later, the chicken sandwich chop is still beloved and occasionally practiced.

What is scary about the Burger King wrapper is not the comparison to the chicken sandwich, but the last line of the paragraph:

"CHANCES ARE, YOU HAD IT COMING". What the fuck? Did Johnny Bryde right this? Is Andre the fucking President of Marketing for Burger King? How did this happen? Who came up with this ad campaign? Are they a genius or is it conincidence.

Does the chicken sandwich create a natural urge to hurt another human being? Does it demand a ferocious slap in in the back? I say YES.

Before Dan showed me the wrapper, I had commented to him that this Chicken Tendercrisp Sandwich was one of the better chicken sandwiches I have eaten.

Is that Burger King that we ate at in Paramus or Bethlehem.

I think you know the answer.

I have preserved this original wrapper in a hermetically sealed glass box, which I have buried in a location known only to me.

Friday, March 04, 2005

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Lost in Translation

Stjålet Cherokee Regnr: LY 41956
Bilen er funnet....
Jeep Cherokee 1999mod 4,0 HO stjålet fra Holmenkollveien 76C.
Bilen er burgunder og har grått interiør. Bilen har andre felger på nå med sommerhjul, orig lettmetallfelger de med mange sirkulære hull i, dekk = 225x70xR15 med hvit skrift på siden.
Da bilen ble stjålet var det ett windsurfer brett og en mast stroppet fast på taket.
Andre kjennetegn fra utsiden: øverst på frontruten er det et orange logo-klistremerke med teksten "aloha.no", samme merke er nede til høyre på bakluken. I bakvinduet er det øverst en tekst i hvitt "seiling en ren glede" og nederst i bakvinduet en hvit snøkrystall ca 15cm i diameter.
Vennligst kontakt Chris Pelella 92422748 hvis bilen observeres !